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Would you be interested in playing as a bipedal beetle?

Sounds good
Needs some work
rhino beetles are cooler

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Author Topic: Like D&D and insects?  (Read 5970 times)


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Like D&D and insects?
« on: 20 Jun 2017, 21:31 »

Then you might like the player character race I homebrewed. It's based on the frog-legged leaf beetle called Etägárak (it’s a working name).

Background: Etägárak hail from tropical island(s) and enjoy the relative safety of their treetop villages. With keen senses, the Etägárak are inquisitive by nature. These beetlefolk enjoy sailing the ocean as much as they enjoy flying. Though, sailing has its risks, and sometimes an Etägárak will find themselves cast adrift at sea to wash up on foreign shores in strange lands. Well, strange to them at least

Description: They’re basically bipedal frog-legged leaf beetles that happen to be 1ft 6in to 2ft tall. Four arms and two legs, with two fingers and a thumb on each hand. Males are shorter than females and have larger femurs (thigh segments) but a shorter abdomen. Coloration varies. Coming in solid metallic hues of green, blue, burgandy, orange, or purple. While other individuals may have two or even (but more rarely) three of these colors. Despite their size, they’re physically as strong as strong humans due to their being arthropods.

Racial features:

    wall crawling
    advantage on perception checks
    susceptible to cold (takes an extra D4 for cold damage)

Cultural quirks:

 *   Etägárak have difficulty speaking Common, but can speak most Dwarvish and Under Common with relative ease.
 *    They only have sex during mating season, so the idea of sex for pleasure is incredibly strange to them. While marriage doesn’t really exist for the Etägárak, some form an incredibly strong bond with another Etägárak and have a life partner. Not necessarily a spouse, though in cases where they’re a male and female pair they will typically mate with each other exclusively.
*    Instead of brawling or boxing, leg wrestling is the primary choice for defending one’s honor amongst the Etägárak. Males will use their powerful legs to try to squeeze and crack one anothers’ abdomens if the matter is quite serious.

EDIT: fixing grammar and syntax errors.
EDIT: completely spaced on including the background.
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