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  • 19 Jun 2021, 11:37
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Author Topic: Weird dreams you've had  (Read 214453 times)


Re: Weird dreams you've had
« Reply #1400 on: 03 Apr 2021, 08:12 »

I had a dream where I isolated the luck gene and found that it coded for a protein that folds itself into a talisman.

This is a fucking awesome concept for a techno-magical/sci-fi-fantasy story.
Quote from: snalin
I just got the image of a midwife and a woman giving birth swinging towards each other on a trapeze - when they meet, the midwife pulls the baby out. The knife juggler is standing on the floor and cuts the umbilical cord with a a knifethrow.


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Re: Weird dreams you've had
« Reply #1401 on: 03 May 2021, 12:12 »

Last night, I dreamed that an island in Hawaii was infested with giant frogs. I wasn't there personally, but I was keeping up with it on various news sites. I remember seeing an image or video in which there were a bunch of these large bright-red frogs in a neighborhood cul-de-sac in mid-day. I recall one particular frog about the size of a bear sitting on the roof of a house.

One of the commentators said that if the frogs ever made it to the mainland, they'd overrun the continent and destroy our forests.

Is it cold in here?

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Re: Weird dreams you've had
« Reply #1402 on: 10 Jun 2021, 20:52 »

"Non-compliance is a social skill"
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