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Is it cold in here?:
Respect, like trust, is earned.

I'm not sure that I agree. I believe that everyone is entitled to a basic respect by default until they forfeit it. Even once a person has behaved badly, I believe they are entitled to some respect. See my various postings about capital punishment.

--- Quote from: hedgie on 18 Sep 2022, 14:44 ---Funny how those who demand that they be respected, often because of age, relation, or position automatically prove that they’re not worthy of it in the least by making that demand.

--- End quote ---
So true, which brings to mind this well-known meme.

In the Confucian world it is far too common for those we are supposed to respect (Kings, parents, men generally etc.) to ignore Master Kong's guidance that respect should flow down as well as up.

I really think that I must be rather odd.  I just finally saw that Netflix is offering a cheaper ad-supported tier.  Who knows, it may be successful, but personally, I’d rather do without something entirely than sit through even a single advert. 

I dropped my Netflix subscription at the beginning of this year, when I realized that not only does my typical session consist of me logging in, scrolling around, not finding anything interesting and logging out, but that I hadn't actually watched anything in a year. Adding ads, even at a lower price, does not tempt me to come back.

I’m avoiding helping with any of the crazed house cleaning that has been going on in the past week.  I’m dealing with people whose definition of “clean” seems to be “looks untouched by either human hand or entropy for the entirety of history”, and since nothing I do will ever reach that standard, I won’t even try.  But WTF is with people who think this way?  Do they really see everything as so out of control that they have to force this madness on everyone around them?  Are they completely unable to understand that life is messy?


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