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Author Topic: Space Station 13  (Read 2556 times)


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Space Station 13
« on: 29 Jun 2014, 22:12 »

Oh God

Oh God what have i done

Why yes I want to be a Space Janitor

Why yes I would love going around cleaning up blood and oil and dirt and grime

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Re: Space Station 13
« Reply #1 on: 02 Jul 2014, 11:51 »

Space Station 13 is one of the best games I've ever played, honestly.

I was once the defacto leader of a group of cultists on a server that enforces at least some role-play before just murdering everything. I was the head of security, I had a few doctors under my wing. I was working on convincing the Captain to meet me privately.

Earlier in the round, when casting some spell or another (which requires harming yourself, drawing blood runes on walls and pieces of paper), the lone Janitor on the station had spotted me. Did not react well, attempted to alert the rest of the station. Being head of security, I falsified some reason to arrest them and continued on my business, trusting my (unknowing) security team to handle the situation.

That janitor went rogue. Harrassed my attempts to further my goals constantly, busting in and disrupting the situation before making his escape. He'd always have an escape route planned before doing this, and to this day I still have no idea how they managed to keep it up for the three hour round. He'd do things such as throwing what looked like a grenade at me and the captain, putting up a foam wall between us (thereby causing a situation the Captain had to deal with, preventing my forced conversion of him), run into a maintinance hallway he'd previously brushed water over. He ensured the only pair of galoshes on the station were in his possession, and when I tried to chase him, I could do nothing but slip.

While working through the maintinance hallways, I would always swear I caught glimpses of him at the edge of my screen. Flashing a flashlight, making sure I knew he was following me. I don't even remember how the round ended, whether I was successful in summoning the cultists' god to consume the station or not. All I remember was that damned janitor.

TL;DR play this game if you get the chance. I prefer Baystation 12 as a server, but others prefer a more relaxed game.
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