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Author Topic: Live Online Game Development from My Brother  (Read 2589 times)


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Live Online Game Development from My Brother
« on: 04 Jul 2014, 16:18 »

Bit of a personal indulgence, but my brother is starting a live video stream of him creating an indie game from scratch. He's worked with Capcom, and now works at another major developer in Tokyo, and has worn many different hats in the development of several AAA titles, but this is his first attempt to do everything himself.

Twitch Channel. (live as I post this at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern) I believe this is the regular schedule, but I'll edit in when I know what days/times specifically.
YouTube Channel where the live streams will be archived.
Main Web Page for a more central location of information and links.

EDIT:  The show is on a weekly schedule, basically on his Saturday and for the rest of us, on Friday.
8am Japan time.
4pm Pacific
7pm Eastern
23:00 UTC for those who need the base time to translate for local.

Archive of the first live stream is now on the YouTube page above so you can get a feel for how it goes. Of course, this was his first long live-stream, and it takes a bit to get into the flow, but I think he did a pretty good job overall of explaining to process of breaking the larger job into manageable tasks and goals.
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