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What's in store this week?

Faye is friendly to customers!
Sven is serene and sensible!
Marten is mean business!
Angus is eaten by an allosaur!
Purple Monkey Dishwasher is pink!
Sven is pregnant.

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Author Topic: WCDT: 2741-2745 (07-11 July 2014) Weekly Comic Discussion Thread  (Read 77312 times)


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I think of them as DHBs and not SJWs.

A pox on your acronymic ways, sirrah! 

(yeah, it took me a moment..)   :roll:
When people try to speak a gut reaction, they end up talking out their ass.


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One of the challenges of moderation is sorting honest passionate people complaining about things that don't make sense to me at first but which I'll understand after I learn about their experience, from people who are there to take over and ruin a conversation.

Or even to derail legitimate attempts towards social justice. I wouldn't be surprised if Tumblrisms like "bunself" are actually an attempt to discredit transgender identities or something.
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