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Author Topic: Security EDC  (Read 10383 times)


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Security EDC
« on: 07 Jul 2022, 09:31 »

Ages ago, there was a thread about the EDC that people have and the daily tools that people pack.  I'm not going to mince words, but the US is quickly falling over the precipice into fascism.  I read this interesting bit about new security features that Apple is planning on introducing.  We'll all need to be doing something like this sooner rather than later, so this thread is about every day security/privacy precautions that one can take.

I'll start by sharing a few of mine:
  • Using Signal Messanger rather than SMS
  • Avoiding US-based data services.  For years now, I've been using ProtonMail for email, and signed up for their VPN services when they introduced them, and Tresorit for online storage/li]
    • Using a VPN at all times, especially when connected to wifi
    • Running a shell script to spoof the MAC address[1] of my computers, and keeping it as a cron job
    • Browser privacy extensions, as well as NoScript.
    There are mroe that have become ingrained habit, but I don't recall doing right now.

    [1] The hardware address of the network interface, and typically unique to the device
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