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Author Topic: Hello, I'm new  (Read 2633 times)


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Hello, I'm new
« on: 08 Oct 2014, 19:47 »

Hello fellow QC fans! My name is Little Blue Sky... I'm not joking! It really is! Well, it translates from my language to English as such. You may shorten it to LilBlue or Sky, but I prefer to keep it the way it is.

I am a 27 year old mother of 3 boys, 4 if you count my husband. I am Oneida of the Iroquois confederacy (Re: Native American) and although I do indeed have an English name, I prefer to be known online by my Oneida name. I am (by many) considered a crazy cat lady because I have 4 cats, and I enjoy showing them at cat shows. I also have a small dog who is/was my first baby, given to me by my husband after the loss of a close friend and family member. I enjoy taking pictures of the outdoors (especially in autumn) and reading a variety of books of various genres. I also enjoy writing and am currently writing a novel which I am very excited to share with any and all who will read it (after its finished of course).

 I have been a fan of QC since I was first introduced to it by my friend who said over some sort of IM (most likely MSN... god I feel old!) "Hey! I think you'd like this!", he sent me a link and I did indeed love it! My first QC strip was 1149, I was intrigued, so I read every single one and was hooked. I've been reading the comic ever since.

My favorite character thus far is Hanners and I am seriously hoping for some sort of return to space so that she and Station can hang out and make me Squee some more.

I've been lurking in these forums since I first started following the comic, and only joined today to join in the Squeee-libration and discussion of Marty's awesome character growth he has displayed with regards this amazingly adorable relationship with Claire.

Anyway, I apologize for the novel that is my intro. I hope you are nice to Lil ol' me, and I look forward to being part of this forum community :-)
Ontario, Canada
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Re: Hello, I'm new
« Reply #1 on: 08 Oct 2014, 20:39 »

James The Kugai 

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Re: Hello, I'm new
« Reply #2 on: 08 Oct 2014, 20:50 »

Mae croeso i bob merched gath wallgof yma.

a 'dèanamh nan saighdean airson cinneadh MacLeòid
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Re: Hello, I'm new
« Reply #3 on: 08 Oct 2014, 23:54 »

Don't you know //
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Re: Hello, I'm new
« Reply #4 on: 09 Oct 2014, 05:45 »

Welcome to the forums! Read the rules, mind the gap, guard your lug wrench, and Google Translate is your friend in this subforum. :)
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