On discussion of private parts


Moderator Comment Don't do it. Seriously. They are called private parts for a reason.
In the manner such discussions tend to go, they very quickly become disrespectful to real people, of which we have a-plenty on this board. Imho not discussing people's genitalia without their consent is basic human decency.
This is a rule we had to instate after things went downhill often, and it will be treated as any other rule.

Is it cold in here?:
Administrator Comment All of the above, plus it's a carefully considered rule which has other compelling reasons behind it. Yes, this includes fictional characters. Please take this very seriously.

Global Moderator Comment And if neccessary, we will wield the Ban Hammer and delete you COMPLETELY from this Forum.

Is it cold in here?:
Here's some reasoning behind the policy.

--- Quote from: the Creator writing on ---
Letís talk about Claire!

Over the past few days Iíve been getting an increasing number of people asking about Claire. Specifically, asking whether she has had gender reassignment surgery (or sex reassignment surgery, it seems like both terms are in use).

The short answer is: I have no plans to reveal this, in the comic or otherwise.

The longer answer is: I understand peopleís curiosity! If youíre interested in a character, you want to know more about them. And while I try my best to make Claire more than just ďthe trans character,Ē it certainly is an aspect that factors into peopleís conceptions of her.

But people are not defined by their genitalia. And I donít want Claire to be defined by hers. Ultimately, I donít think it matters, for the purposes of the story Iím trying to tell. If it matters to you personally, that is a valid feeling and I respect it. I understand being curious, or feeling like it would help you understand or identify with Claire better, or whatever reason you have for wanting to know. But Iím still going to stick to what I believe to be the best course.

So there we have it, that is basically where I stand on the matter. Thanks for reading.

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