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Author Topic: Personal Poem, and a question  (Read 4845 times)


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Personal Poem, and a question
« on: 30 Oct 2014, 09:32 »

Hello. So I tried to use the search function regarding poems and found some posts, but no actual topic for them. I saw a writing club and others but they seem to focus on writing as a story telling instrument, which it is, but I still did not find a suitable place for this. If there is, please direct me to it so that I may post it there, or if a mod is kind enough my post be moved there. Otherwise, I just wanted to share a Poem I wrote some time ago.

As a bit of a background, like many teenagers, I had a bit of a low self esteem streak. Does not help that I did, and still do, face depression everyday. Only difference is with age and experience I have learned to cope better, but its still there. It's actually the origin of my username. I've self-pronounced it on myself since I was 5-6 years old after I read Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues under the sea novel. The captain's name was Nemo, and in latin it means "nobody", which is exactly how I feel most days. Since very young I have, hence why it has stuck with me since then. The X is just a crossroads, a beginning and change. Of course, nowadays most people equate Nemo with that stupid fish and it bugs me, but I digress. Writing was an escape that helped. Most of my writing was in spanish, being my first language, so I probably won't be sharing those anytime soon, but there is a Poem I was quite proud of the reflected a lot of how I felt at the time, and how I still do sometimes.

Would love some input from you guys in regards to the writing itself, and if anybody felt or feels that way. Depression can be a horrible thing, but knowing one is not alone is a great comfort some times. And those of us who learn to deal, end up having masks to help with said coping, but the vulnerability is there always. so here's a bit I felt I had to share. Hope you like it:

Loneliness, that is what I feel
I'm alone in a world of lies,
a world of hate, a real living hell.
Money's got us on its evil spell,
people care only about themselves
Clouded minds and blackened hearts
are all my eyes can ever see
Compasion, love, honor and truth
are words no longer known or used
The few pure souls that keep intact
are always mocked, seen as losers or laughed at
I see these things, they make me sick
take away my spirit, my will to live.
I wonder if someone else knows how it feels,
but then again, demons cannot feel
Even when I'm swallowed by the joyfull crowds,
the thunderous silence is too loud
For they don't notice I'm around
not in the morning, nor at dawn
But wait! there is still hope
we still can find the missing force
that will save us from the worse
after all, demons were once angels,
why can't we go back to our good nature
Redeem yourselves and be like angels
don't be too proud about your nation
Loneliness, that is what I feel
lonely is my world
lonely is my quest
I wish I could just rest
from this neverending test
This is what life is,
a huge big joke we have to live
But come to think of it this joke,
is not that bad, you soon shall see
Nevermind the wrongs before you,
never let the devil fool you.
Love yourself and love the world
'cause this is where angels will fall
There is no hell other than Earth
break out free just like a bird
and keep in mind that with every birth
another soul will join your pain
Lonely souls, one by one,
will add up to a joyful crowd
and that'll fullfil satan's desire,
your body and soul burned in a fire.

Kibian "NemoX" Chavarria
"Wit is educated insolence" - Aristotle
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