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  • 26 Nov 2021, 21:33
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Author Topic: Greetings  (Read 1598 times)

Dark Matter

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« on: 28 Jan 2015, 00:30 »

Hey everyone. I wish I could say I've been a long time reader, but in reality I'm super new to the comic, especially considering how long it's been going. I'm also not that used to internet forums in general, but I'll try not to screw up too bad.

I first heard about the comic from the TMS interview with Jeph, which caught my interest. Then I pretty much binge-read the archives until I caught up, which was around the time Clinton was being set up with Emily (I'm still curious what's going to happen with that, though it's understandably been overshadowed lately).

Since then I've just been lurking on the forums, but much like several other people have said, this latest story arc finally convinced me to make an account.


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Re: Greetings
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jan 2015, 04:54 »

Welcome to the forums! Read through the rules, mind the gap, guard your lug wrench, keep in mind the strip's been around for over a decade now, and remember: Google Translate is your friend.
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Re: Greetings
« Reply #2 on: 28 Jan 2015, 14:41 »

James The Kugai 

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