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  • 25 Oct 2021, 12:22
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Author Topic: Jake and Amir is coming to an end.  (Read 1161 times)


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Jake and Amir is coming to an end.
« on: 12 Mar 2015, 15:24 »

Endings and goodbyes are terrible and contrary to what I'd like to think about them, I hate them and I find it hard to cope and not feel emotional and vulnerable when the things I adore come to an end.

I had that feeling when Scrubs ended and I have the same feeling right now. My favorite webseries, one of the most successful ones on the internet, is coming to an end after 8 years of runtime. (and 500+ episodes lest I remember)

For those that don't know, Jake and Amir focuses on the two protagonists, Jake and Amir (surprise!), who are coworkers sitting across from each other in the office that works for the website To me, it's humor is very meta-based and self-aware. Sometimes I found it to be cynical, often times ironic and lastly very straightforward but never tiring.

That's for my description of the series, don't take my word though, check it out for yourself.

Overall Jake and Amir has been with me ever since halfway through middle school and all the way through high school. It has affected my sense of humor greatly. I'd go so far as to say it is exactly my kind of humor. Granted, not all episodes are the same, but overall there's a coherent sense of awareness that I get from every joke. It's something I simply enjoy, without needing to have stomach aches laughing about to find it funny.

On the one hand, I hate seeing it end, on the other, I completely understand it. Jake and Amir, the two creators have grown up. They're adults. And I won't  be the last to admit that they seemed strained keeping up the same type of humor for 8 years. Perhaps they have matured, perhaps just bored. Whatever the case, I'm quite sad I'll never get to see a new sketch for the time being. Perhaps they will make a small rehash video in a few years. Perhaps not. I wish the two and all of their friends and colleagues the best if luck. I probably won't be visiting their hosting website as often now, but I really hope that finds something new to capitalize on.

Are any of you guys fans? Since it's one of the most popular webseries on the internet I thought I'd give it a go, seeing that I've found the people here to be quite aware of a lot of great content on the web.

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