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With the kind permission of pwhodges...

There is very little Questionable Content fan-fiction out there right now that is easy to find. I've only found one or two of debatable quality on Fanfiction.NET (the usual Internet clearing house for almost everything fan-fiction related). There are a few others on some other archives but Google's hit count-based ranking system makes it difficult to locate the lesser-known archives unless you already know to look there.

With this in mind, I've decided to start this thread so that we can share recommendations of good (or, if you prefer, 'so bad it's good' bad) fan-fiction based on Questionable Content. Before I continue, some rules:

* Please abide by the Site Rules and the Forum Rules - That means, no explicit sex or sex-emulation by AIs, please; G to PG-13 rating, just to be on the safe side;
* Be aware that some forum users and guests may not be shippers. With that in mind, try to stick to canon-only ships and, if it is non-canon, state so clearly in your description. Once again, be safe rather than sorry: If you think the story will offend or breach taste, don't post a link;
* Be responsible linkers; if the archive has first-level links to NSFW sites, NSFW banner ads and the like, at least give a warning along with the link;
* Finally, don't just post links please. Give us the title and, ideally a brief summary (most archives will have one that you can copy and paste). You wouldn't open a blind link; why should anyone else?So, to start, I have two recommendations from a site I've only recently discovered. Be warned that other stories on this site have non-canon ships and NSFW stories. The site also has a very, very eccentric and user-unfriendly story rating system, so look at other stories and fandoms at your own risk.

* Cannot Help Giving by Templemarker - A lovely short story looking at the Claireten relationship through Claire's eyes with a sensitive consideration of her fears, insecurities and the aspects of her past that haunt her;
* The Existential Weight of Cupcakes by LovelyPoet - An utterly brilliant Momo character piece about Momo's friendships, aspirations and ambitions that does a good job at portraying the casual bigotry Momo must sometimes encounter without going over-the-top. It also does a nice job of highlighting the good relationship she has with her friends and colleagues.So, over to you guys! Any good stories out there?

I suppose I could plug my own QC fanfics, which are right here on the forum in the "Writing Club" thread.

The first is a one-off story featuring Post-Apocalyptic Marten meeting Post-Apocalyptic Charlie Brown, and is here.

The second, which grew out of the first, is the ongoing adventures of Marten in post-apocalyptic Massachusetts. It's in multiple chapters and is continuing - I'm managing to write a chapter every week or two. It begins here: The Post-Apocalyptic Adventures of Marten Reed


--- Quote from: BenRG on 20 May 2015, 05:56 ---a site I've only recently discovered. Be warned that other stories on this site have non-canon ships and NSFW stories.
--- End quote ---

"Archive Of Our Own" aka AO3 (where you will find two of my Evangelion fanfics), is no different from other fanfic sites in that respect - you should be cautious when visiting any fanfic site.  It might help those unfamiliar with the terminology to know that "lemon" refers to a work with significant sexual scenes.

Is it cold in here?:
That's a good set of rules!

The Momo story impressed me.

So we're just sticking to QC Comic Fan Fiction.



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