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And another Month rolls round and.......

The Praeses have finally shown their hand
- 11 (23.9%)
Sedna has 'Powered Up'
- 2 (4.3%)
Super Gavia has come!!!
- 12 (26.1%)
Pate has decided to keep Alice alive
- 5 (10.9%)
Angry Ardent - not to be trifled with
- 2 (4.3%)
Parentl Intervention
- 4 (8.7%)
APlot Twist commences
- 4 (8.7%)
Spathe Ham with Spathe Pizza, Waffles and Spathe Coffee
- 2 (4.3%)
Purple Monkey Space Mechanic
- 2 (4.3%)
- 2 (4.3%)

Total Members Voted: 26

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Author Topic: Alice Grove MCDLT - MAY 2017  (Read 78782 times)


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Re: Alice Grove MCDLT - MAY 2017
« Reply #150 on: 31 May 2017, 08:04 »

Alice understands the perils of too much technological progress all at once on account of how depleted the Earth was after the catastrophic wars, but to keep her town at the level it's at in perpetuity would require among other things population control.  Eventually that town would grow to a size which would require improvements to its infrastructure and smaller satellite towns and villages surrounding it, but from what we can tell Alice's town is the only settlement for miles around.  How she does it if she even does remains unclear.  As I previously stated she may repeatedly try to help a community until things go wrong beyond her ability to fix and she wanders over to the next settlement to begin the process again or she resorts to measures of keeping her town just the way it is which leaves her feeling constantly guilty.
There's a lot of things we don't know about the world of Alice Grove, specifically the level of technology among the Humans on Earth. All we know for sure is that there are electric wind generators, hand operated water pumps and horse and carriage set-ups. Which means we can't infer whether medical technology exists or has that knowledge regressed to "leeches for what ails ya, which is everything". But that likely means we're looking at an M. Night Shyamalan film and I don't think we really want that.

It's possible that the village maintains zero population growth - "Old Man Gottfried passed away, so we'll let the Smith couple conceive a child". It's also possible that the village itself is self-sufficient to a degree where it doesn't need to trade with other villages, allowing to be spread out, but not so far that the villages can't send people, be it to get Alice for help or to send people to marry into another village.

At the end of the day, we really know next to nothing about the setting and what happens behind the scenes and we can't really infer what's going on.

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Re: Alice Grove MCDLT - MAY 2017
« Reply #151 on: 02 Jun 2017, 06:58 »

As far as the differences between Alice and Church .    Alice seems more refined and thoughtful, with more latitude in choices of what to do and how to do it.  Less of a compulsion going along with less power and more intelligence.  Is that because she's a more advanced model, or a less advanced one?  Seems like more, could be less.
I like this theory. If Alice were a very high-level commander, she'd have a far broader service mandate -- a general doesn't serve any one entity, but the polity as a whole. That couls also explain why Alice was burying Church back in the past: she was enforcing discipline and he served her at the time.

(Also, totally called it, up to the reasoning behind the compulsion.)
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