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(Perhaps we need a thread like this rather than creating a new one for each odd bit of information.)

Here's some guidance on sensible handling of passwords from the British government - from GCHQ, in fact.  Debunks a few myths.

That's very good. It covers a lot of areas where I've banged heads with data-centre and general company managers.

Opera v40 introduces a free browser-integrated VPN service with five endpoints:

Net neutrality staggers on - hooray!

Europe votes to break the Internet.

This ensures that US companies will continue to increase the number of sites which block European access.  And while this may be seen as a (sole) positive reason for leaving the EU, I dare say that many US companies are sufficiently hazy about the difference between the EU and the continent of Europe that the UK will continue to be blocked as if it were in the EU even if we leave.


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