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Author Topic: Kotor II Ending (Spoilers duh)  (Read 13812 times)


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Kotor II Ending (Spoilers duh)
« on: 30 Dec 2004, 21:59 »

WTF Was THAT?!?!  

Played a good guy, got to the end, fought Kreia, and all that I get is is her one line answers to half the party? No what happens nex? Am I going to fight the "Real" Sith? Am I going to abandon my crew? Am I going to return to life as usual?  Just vague answers to what happened to Revan, my crew, my charcater? ARG!!

I do have to say, Unreal 2 still holds the award for worst ending ever, but KotoR II tried damn hard to win that title.

I loved the game, I just want to know what happened to the rest of it..... Like how all the characters said to "Ask me later about Dxun" but there was no later....



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Kotor II Ending (Spoilers duh)
« Reply #1 on: 02 Jan 2005, 08:18 »

LucasArts forcing a christmas release on Obsidian Entertainment. That's what happened to it.

They were even forced to cut an entire planet.

And I mean forced. Unlike Sleheyron in KotOR, which was abandoned, this one was in full development.


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Kotor II Ending (Spoilers duh)
« Reply #2 on: 04 Jan 2005, 05:52 »

Well, at least it's consistant with the movies. It seems the second installments always have crappy endings.


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Kotor II Ending (Spoilers duh)
« Reply #3 on: 26 Jan 2005, 17:49 »

I still think Episode 2 has the best ending of any movie. YAY now i don't get to watch as the greatest movie series gets butt-raped. Now you don't have to listen to whiney Skywalkers. wtf is up w/ Lucas's obsession w/ whiney kids and stupid annoying animal things. in eps I, II, IV they all had whiney kids. and there were none in eps V and VI (although there were ewoks, lucas's fault  because Irvin kirshner said that Lucas directed ROTJ)
I never finished KOTOR2 because of all the bugs. everything should've been fixed by now. This game (along with Halo2) should've been delayed a couple months
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