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Author Topic: I seem to be new  (Read 3122 times)


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I seem to be new
« on: 08 Jan 2016, 22:03 »

I seem to be new. That's a thing. It happens. I started reading QC last weekend. I read fast, yet I spent so much time trying not to laugh overly loud,it actually took me two days. Or, technically, 24 hours, but I did cave and sleep so it counts as two. Maybe 25 hours? Not the point. Usually I don't cave and sleep on a reading binge, but I came across QC while I was on my League of Legends "Binge to get L5 Mastery with Shyvana for the BMing emote" binge, and I am not so skilled at binging as to be able to double binge. I do read, very very fast, so I go through a LOT of content, and my local library hates me, so. I have recently taken to webcomics and not only has QC been wonderful, but it's introduced me to SO MANY new webcomics that it's keeping me busy with good content now. I used to only follow Exiern and I have lost track. Drat. My webcomics list now looks like my bookshelf, comic boxes, and manga list. Sigh. Another list to just keep growing....

Anyways. I get overly chatty when I am light on sleep or reading good content, so I could use a forum to chatter in and perhaps come across yet more good content, so....I stopped lurking. I don't own a lug wrench, and if anyone threatens to melt my laptop, my precious....there may be violence involved. Neck-based angry violence. Of Doom. Imagine me saying "my precious" in the Gollum voice, but as like a ten foot tall version of Gollum. That kind of angry. XD.

I may be overly tired right now, hence the long post. I am more than slightly insane. Usually just half or so. The safe half. My sister is fully insane, so I do in fact know where the line is, and keep myself firmly on the not-commited side of it. Some days I do sneak to 2/3s, but I try not to. Any and all insanity will hereby be written off by myself as "You were warned and had a chance to run. Now you can just deal."
League Of Legends, Diablo 3 ROS, and Hearthstone, are the only games I play a lot of. Nssheepster on the NA server for LoL, same for Ask me for the #s for if you really want them and want company for Grifting or someone to chatter with when a Priest MC's your Rag. Priest players do no get my #s. Nor do Druids. You know who you are, you FoN/SR stinkers.

I think I may have covered everything. Mostly. The stuff that runs people off, at least. Anything else, ask.

No, I really don't have a lug wrench, I saw that whole thing, and I simply don't own one. Promise.
Slightly Insane. Maybe 1/2. Some Days 2/3s


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Re: I seem to be new
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jan 2016, 13:17 »

Welcome aboard the Board  :)
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