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Who's Next on QC Happy Familes? Place Your Bets!

What are Henry and Maurice doing these days?
Paragon and Renegade - At home with Dale and Marigold
The Roomba Collective
Clinnn-tonnn and Emily
Steve and Cossette - The never-seen normal famly
Wil and Penelope
Do lovesick AIs dream of electronic cupids?
Just what does Mrs Augustus do when her kids are away?
Jeph will go back to Claire and Marten, Bubbles and Faye or Dora and Tai

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Author Topic: WCDT Strips 3155 to 3160 (15-19 February 2016)  (Read 38011 times)


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Re: WCDT Strips 3155 to 3160 (15-19 February 2016)
« Reply #200 on: 22 Feb 2016, 15:37 »

New comic!

I laughed at the last line (and then wondered what her singing range is).

I would guesstimate Veronica as a contralto: a deep, slightly husky voice, though not deep enough or husky enough to be mistaken for a man. Faye, Claire, and Dora: probably altos, although Claire might be a low soprano. Hanners: a slightly squeaky soprano.

Marten I would guess as having a baritone singing voice, but sounding more like a tenor in his speaking voice - I've known mild-mannered men who sound like that. (In fact, I am one.) Steve probably croaks like a frog when he dares to sing anything, in what might be describable as a baritone-bass if one were feeling charitable. Marten's dad Henry, hmm... a passable whiskey tenor?

Pintsize would be like the very deep bass voice at the end of "So You Wanna Be a Boxer?" from Bugsy Malone.

Let me have him Jooooooooooooooooe.

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