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Author Topic: QC used for sponsored content on Facebook?  (Read 2283 times)


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QC used for sponsored content on Facebook?
« on: 09 Jul 2016, 19:08 »

I just ran across this image from strip 2785 on my Facebook feed as a sponsored image.

It links to this article on
The image isn't used in the article itself, but it is still being used as clickbait. Is it legal? Is Jeph getting paid? Is it used with his permission? Does he care?
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Re: QC used for sponsored content on Facebook?
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jul 2016, 21:26 »

Only Jeph can tell you.  His email address is on the contact page, and he says he reads all emails, though he may not reply.
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Re: QC used for sponsored content on Facebook?
« Reply #2 on: 10 Jul 2016, 08:49 »

I think it's random image mining. I get ads for car insurance using the Batmobile and ads for "This INSANE military-grade flashlight" that's clearly a lightsaber prop.
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