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  • 27 Jan 2021, 15:18
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Author Topic: Monkey  (Read 5002 times)


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« on: 12 Jan 2005, 02:57 »

well i thought since i havent posted here in ages i might as well come back with something constructive. i've been learing to computerise hand-drawn art using adobe streamline and my inability to draw aside, im pretty happy with the result:

the original image, yes it's a monkey, leave me alone i was tired.

this is the first version in two-tone.

and heres the second in shiney colouration and shading


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« Reply #1 on: 12 Jan 2005, 14:37 »

That looks really cool in the 2nd one - black and white only. Rock on. or.. skank on.

The 3rd one is kind of cheesy because of how you did the shading - it looks like a photoshop layer effect and that almost always looks cheesy. And since the background is flat color, the monkey should be flat color as well, if it should be colored at all. But yeah, the B+W one owns, now all you need is a band and a catchy name.

I wanna get streamline.. that seems a whole lot easier than mucking about with anchor points in illustrator.


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« Reply #2 on: 12 Jan 2005, 14:42 »

though Ska Monkey would be a pretty nifty band name in and of itself... or probably a better album title
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« Reply #3 on: 12 Jan 2005, 14:54 »

If I didn't hate ska, I'd agree.
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