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  • 19 Jul 2019, 01:16
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Author Topic: Send a modern musician back in time to write or perform music of bygone days  (Read 790 times)


I wanted to flip around the topic Resurrect a Classical Composser and Pick a Modern Music Genre for Them

Pick any music writer or performer who was active in the last 50 years, then pick a musical genre from before that time that you think they might get into if they were sent back in a time machine.

As before: don't worry about giving any reasoning. Doesn't have to be from the link above.

Example: Amy Winehouse, comic opera
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Miles Davis - late Baroque, preferably starting out as a student of J.S. Bach's

Reason: Miles 'inverted' in Jazz (Kind of Blue, So What?) the move from modal composition to four-part-harmony that Bach popularized during Baroque, so that alone is fitting. And Boy, would Mr. Cool have had a blast being there during Europe's most creative period in composition technique and music theory.

Jaco PastoriusFirst Viennese School of Classic

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