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Cosmetic problem with spoiler tags.


I have just realised that the spoiler tag modification is not sitting happily with the recent security update of the forum software; the icon for inserting it has become distorted.  I will try to tidy this up within a few days - meanwhile, please be patient! 

Ho-hum, and today it's all as it should be.  Maybe it was something on my machine...

And now it seems that somehow I've lost the CSS for spoilers in this theme; I'll put it right in the next day or so.

Again, seems to be fixed, but I'm not clear how...

This recurred after I had to uninstall and reinstall to change another mod.

It seems that I had previously made a couple of changes manually after installation.  This time I have updated my copy of the installation files to include those changes, so with luck it should not happen again.


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