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  • 20 Nov 2017, 20:08
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Author Topic: The Lack of Melted Lugwrenches  (Read 293 times)


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The Lack of Melted Lugwrenches
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 17:51 »

In case you all haven't noticed, our resident CIA Handler of Melody Powers and Lugwrench Melter has not been active for a month or so now.

I'm not sure if it's something he wants to have known, but it is entirely possible that his days of melting lugwrenches may be over. :( He's dealing with a health issue - one that will most definitely affect his return.

This thread is for well wishes for our resident Kiwi - and a few residual lugwrench meltings...
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Re: The Lack of Melted Lugwrenches
« Reply #1 on: 10 Nov 2017, 23:14 »

Get well soon, mate ...

... there's stuff that needs meltin':
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Re: The Lack of Melted Lugwrenches
« Reply #2 on: 11 Nov 2017, 00:42 »



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Re: The Lack of Melted Lugwrenches
« Reply #3 on: 13 Nov 2017, 03:10 »

That would be a terrible shame...

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