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  • 21 May 2018, 22:59
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Author Topic: Hi, I have a question about the fundamental nature of QC.  (Read 379 times)


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The whatever-you-call-that-text-at-the-bottom of comic 3670 has me confused, I've looked high and low and can't find any info as to what the definition of "content" in "Questionable Content" actually is? I /could/ try and guess from the emphasis, but really there's so many ways to pronounce english that I haven't a clue.

Maybe this isn't the place to ask such questions, but I've spent too much time looking already and there isn't an obvious place to ask basic questions.

I always assumed content as in 'stuff', otherwise the english would be all gross and it'd have to be "Questionable Contentment" or "Questionably Content" instead to be english *shrug*. Though the latter would be even more ambiguous.

P.S. is there no subscribe to thread?? You mean I have to remember to come back here and check for replies ? :(:(.


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I always assumed content as in 'stuff',

Just so - today's comment is simply a joke, riffing on a possible double meaning.

P.S. is there no subscribe to thread?? You mean I have to remember to come back here and check for replies ? :(:(.

"Notify" button at the top-right or bottom-right of the thread.
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The strip's title is a direct reference to the edgier end of indie music. Basically, 'Questionable Content' is a warning label some publishers put on music tracks that may offend or just confuse due to themes or language used. When QC started, Marten Reed's (and to a certain extent Dora Bianchi's) interest in indie music and their regular monologues/dialogues on the subject were a running theme as well as a running joke; the title of the strip reflects this.

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Awesome, cheers :). The message notify puts up threw me off, it looks like the thing where browsers can do phone like notifications now :/. BenRG, nicely put.


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The sub-text is making a joke of the homophone  homonym/homograph of Content and Content.
the italicisation of TENT being a way to show the phonetic differences between what would look like the same word.

The First One (as in the strips title); meaning a quantity of sorts - Questionable Content meaning "This may 'contain' something you might find questionable" ("Questionable" meaning, maybe a little off-the-wall, against-the-norm, maybe even subversive or 'offensive' to some.)

The Second One; as Bubbles is using it, meaning reasonably happy, fine, not-too-bad.

Content v ConTENT
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