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Author Topic: Yet another lurker crawling out of the woodwork...  (Read 6348 times)


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I've been reading the comic for 8-9 years (just tried to do the math and was a bit surprised!), not much of a forum person (so I shouldn't even call myself a lurker), but I had to finally make the plunge to say "Thank you!" for bringing some peace and (hopefully) happiness into Faye's life. I'm a cynical old dude, but I've shed tears on her behalf more times than I care to remember.

So thank you, Jeph. I know they aren't real people, but you've made them come alive and made a lot of people care - this old fart included. Nice work!

(copy-paste from my comment on the WCDT thread, is that a firing offense?)
I'm pullin' for ya', we're all in this together.


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Re: Yet another lurker crawling out of the woodwork...
« Reply #1 on: 02 Jun 2018, 09:18 »

Hey, you sound a lot like me.
"Is that why you checked for my armor?"
"I-I was scared you left. I knew you wouldn't go anywhere without it."
"I would never leave unless you asked me to."
"I would never ask you to."
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