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  • 10 May 2021, 01:14
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Author Topic: Tsutomu Nihei's "Blame!" manga  (Read 1199 times)


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Tsutomu Nihei's "Blame!" manga
« on: 15 Jun 2018, 04:50 »

I used the search function, and I'm surprised to find no mention of "Blame!". Has anyone read it? It was my best find of the last decade at least. I stumbled upon it in a Barnes and Noble last year when the "Master Edition" came out. I was surprised that I hadn't known about it before. Perhaps I was too busy with life in the late nineties.

I can't praise the art highly enough. He has an amazing skill at rendering megastructures, which clearly comes from his architectural training. Add to that his amazing cyber-gothic body horror sensibilities, and he becomes a singular figure in the world of comic art. Think Yoshihisa Tagami (yeah, still holding a candle for "Grey" here) with a bit of Ryoichi Ikegami and Hayao Miyazaki thrown in. It's just staggeringly good.

There's not too much there in the story, but really, the story is mostly in the breathtaking weirdness of the visuals.

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