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  • 22 Oct 2020, 20:03
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Author Topic: Alan Wake Sunset Sale; October 2018 Update: it's back! Sunrise Sale  (Read 2949 times)


According to official release from Remedy (?), due to expiring music use licenses, Alan Wake is going to be pulled from distribution online. So Steam, Humble, and probably whatever other platforms that are offering it have yanked the price down until it's gone.

Now the reality is who knows how long this will last, but... I guess it's 7 years old at this point. So who knows if they'll bother renegotiating.
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Yeah, Poets of the Fall, who provided music for the game, have confirmed that the game is being taken off the market.

That said, American Nightmare is not affected by this, as Remedy themselves negotiated with companies for that soundtrack, whereas it was Microsoft who negotiated for the original game.
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You might as well get it now, since it's $3 for Alan Wake alone, but $4 for Alan Wake, American Nightmare, and the Collector's Edition extras. I dunno if I'll ever play it, btw, but hey, it's $4. (American Nightmare on its own is ten)
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It's back. The music licensing issues have been solved, at least for now. It is on heavy sale for the next handful of days. If you missed it when it was going, consider going and getting it now.
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