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Author Topic: QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)  (Read 2515 times)


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QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)
« on: 07 Jan 2020, 07:06 »

Aaaaand weeeearrrrrrre Back.
Still recovering from hosting multiple consecutive family visits over the holidays instead of the one massive house filling "we don't have enough chairs" get together and having large enough blocks of time to do actual Raiding in WoW.

And in that vein we have this weeks caption subject.

So what did everyone get for the holidays besides a massive credit card bill?
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Re: QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jan 2020, 07:37 »

Millefeuille: "I'm sorry!  I haven't adjusted my surface integrity calculations to account for my recent modifications!  I thought it would hold my weight!"
Dora: "My landlord is going to laugh their ass off the entire time they're cashing out my security deposit."
Tai: "Hey babe, why is there a perfect butt print in the kitchen drywall?"
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Re: QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)
« Reply #2 on: 07 Jan 2020, 07:56 »

Millefeuille : I'm so sorry. The drunk app must have been too heavy. I vented so violently.
Dora: And I thought I'd seen everything in the shop...
Tai: On the other hand, we might sell it as redecorating? That clock looks very Dali, now.
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Re: QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)
« Reply #3 on: 07 Jan 2020, 09:39 »

MILLIFEUILLE: "I... I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure that I added shipping fuel to the fire!"

DORA: "No... not again."

TAI: "Does this have anything to do with the huge crowd of readers outside waving "Robo-Threesome Nao" placards?"

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Re: QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)
« Reply #4 on: 07 Jan 2020, 13:09 »

Millefeuille: “I can’t believe it! I just got a new butt, and now the entire lower half of my body is missing!”

Dora: “How does something like this even happen?”

Tai: “Actually your lower half is in our bedroom. It appears to have found a singing dildo in the toy box, and now they are, um, getting acquainted.”
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Re: QC Captions Volume #422 (2020 January 06-10)
« Reply #5 on: 07 Jan 2020, 23:47 »

MILLIFEUILLE: "I'm so sorry!!! I didn't realize how bad the movie adaptation would be! The CGI didn't look that bad on my phone."
DORA: "So many ass cheeks burned into my brain. That scene with the champagne bottle. Why?!?"
TAI: "Hey guys, I found the 2D animation concept art for the movie Spielburg wanted to do if you need some eye bleach."
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