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Author Topic: What watch? 10 Watch. Such much‽---QC Captions Volume #436 (2020-04-12--19)  (Read 2790 times)


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``Remember about advanced texnics and noise?
We've hit fiction from science indistinct''
~Carl-E, QC forums


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BRUN: "Seriously, it was a difficult night; very uncomfortable."

MILLI: "But my butt is padded!"

BRUN: "The rest of you isn't... and cobalt-titanium hyperalloy."

They call me BenRG... But I don't know why!


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Brun: Good morning, we should get breakfast.
Millefeuille : it's already 10:52:43
Brun : have your internal clock checked, it's two seconds late.
Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tunes without the words and never stops at all.


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Brun: Please don't bother me, I'm imagining unicorns.
Mil: Don't you need tea for that?
Brun: Nose is stuffy today.


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Brun: Hmmm ...The bacon is maple cured, thick cute, Hormel Black Label. The eggs are Free range Omega 3 from a local farm. As for the Beans they are B&M though they have been in the pot a little too long.
Mil: How do you do that without a spectrum analyzer?
Brun: I saw the purchase order from last week and they always overcook the beans here.
A good pun is it's own reword.
There is a difference between spare parts, extra parts and left over parts.

The Venn diagram  for Common Sense and Good Sense has very little, if any, overlap.


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BRUN: "Light and flaky texture. The filling tastes like a combination of milk-? No. It's cream. Eggs, only the yolks. Sugar, flour, and lemon."
MILIFUELLE: "...Wow. You got it right first try. Are you sure you've never baked before?"
BRUN: "My best friend works in a bakery."
a real-ass gaddam sword
"Broken swords and dragon bones scattered on the way back home."

Too stubborn to die, just like the rest of my family.
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