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Author Topic: QC Captions Volume #443 (2020 June 01-05)  (Read 2554 times)


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QC Captions Volume #443 (2020 June 01-05)
« on: 01 Jun 2020, 05:09 »

It's Monday  - also it's Quarantine day .... again.   

 :psyduck: The States has gone Chiroptera feces non compos mentis  :psyduck:

In other news the temperature has gone from "The AC, she can't take anymore" to "Time to gut a Tauntaun"

Now for some shenanigans or more references to crustaceans.

A good pun is it's own reword.
There is a difference between spare parts, extra parts and left over parts.

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Re: QC Captions Volume #443 (2020 June 01-05)
« Reply #1 on: 01 Jun 2020, 05:23 »

BUBBLES: "Things sort of went out of control from there."

EMILY: "So, as you see, if you properly modify the function of space-time and quantum gravity through the proposed Animé Parallel Brane coefficient, we are forced to conclude that the universe is not only virtual, it is outright illustrated!"

CLAIRE and TAI: "Deeeeeep...!"

MARTEN: "Can I hang out on your couch until they're both over their hangovers?"

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Thus ceased another our beloved flat graphicals'
« Reply #2 on: 04 Jun 2020, 23:07 »

I've thrice yet heard the following (bibliography). my intent has that stable.
(click to show/hide)
Azuma: ``---so, this rigour shew:
Abstract  Marten not has been, but figmentously Miz Vance's, toward such well behaviours as have been your''
*a sharp oral inhalation followed by prolonged nonbreath*
``Hey, look.. Dora... I gotta go, uhh.... bathroom! yes!---sorry---goodbye.''
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