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  • 17 May 2021, 15:35
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Author Topic: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)  (Read 863 times)


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QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« on: 04 Aug 2020, 10:05 »

Another fine Monday and ready to ask "whose line is it anyways?"

 :psyduck: Tuesday?  :psyduck:

Uhhhh, here is today's instalment. [zoink]

I wonder if he has AniDB up and is scanning the comments section.
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Re: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« Reply #1 on: 04 Aug 2020, 10:51 »

May: Man, scat porn is the best!
Marigold: I have no idea how anyone can find this sexy. Right Dale? Dale??
TV: ai-dee-dai-dee-dai-dee-doo...
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Unofficial character tag thingy for QC


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Re: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« Reply #2 on: 04 Aug 2020, 13:10 »

May: Wow, that’s really jammed in there, huh?
Marigold: What I don’t get is how it’s managed to stay so clean when we know she eats?
Off-panel: Oh, use the pliers senpai!
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Re: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« Reply #3 on: 10 Aug 2020, 03:21 »

May: Well my spicey pidgeon idea didn't work, so I decided to escalate with laxatives...
Marigold: I don't think laxatives work on birds either... OMG!!!
TV: The zoo was evacuated after the elephants became violently ill and broke out of their enclosure!


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Re: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« Reply #4 on: 10 Aug 2020, 03:40 »

MAY: "Wow! I mean... Do you guys have quantum fold chambers in your abdomens? How the hell do you store all that stuff inside without having to remove other vital organs to make room?"

MARIGOLD: "That's the whole reason why this is trash! Those tiny animé chicks could never hold it in long enough to build that much up!"


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Re: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« Reply #5 on: 10 Aug 2020, 05:18 »

May: “Of course the whole time-travel plot ended with him having sex with himself!”

Marigold: “You mean all this time ‘Ass Swordsman’ was just a euphemism for anal?”

TV: “Harder, Tetsuo, harder!”
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Re: QC Captions Volume #451 (2020 Aug 03-07)
« Reply #6 on: 10 Aug 2020, 14:56 »

Marigold: "See? at that angle, it's like he'd never seen a vagina in his life, but the art's so good like he really loves that kind of thing."
May: "Deconstruction my ass! This is grade-A shit."
Screen: "あっあぁっヤーダァッアッアッアァッアァーッアァッアァー〜"
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