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Author Topic: Loose Strips Thread  (Read 4268 times)


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Loose Strips Thread
« on: 18 Jan 2005, 10:36 »

In this thread, post your single strips for help.

If you only have one strip, or just did one because you were bored, post it here and get some feedback. If you have enough, make a new thread, but if not, this thread is here for you.

Not everyone is going to like your comic, if someone points out something negative with good reason, don't get all defensive and shat off because they don't like it. Take it in, accept comments and let them help you.

Be constructive, if you don't like a strip don't just say "I hate it" give reasons, help, that's what this thread is for.

(Got the idea from the CtrlAltDel forums, with the thread started by bev)
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