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Author Topic: Star Wars: Squadrons (The new XvT)  (Read 14666 times)


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Star Wars: Squadrons (The new XvT)
« on: 26 Jul 2020, 15:03 »

Star Wars Squadrons is X-Wing vs Tie Figher!!!

To sum up the gameplay:
-You're in the cockpit of a star fighter the whole time (no 3rd person view)
-You have to manage your engines, weapons, and shield energy (Just like XvT)
-Dogfighting and fleet based combat (kind of like old Battlefront 2)
-You can upgrade you fighters and customize your cockpit (with little doodads and bobble heads if you wish)
-4 classes of star fighter (Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor, and Support)

This looks great especially with online friend play.

There is also a single player campaign. It looks like it takes place during New Republic vs Empire Remnant times (so the tail end of the Galactic Civil War).
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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons (The new XvT)
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jul 2020, 00:00 »

I, for one, am really glad to see X-Wing vs TIE Fighter coming back (even though EA has chosen not to resurrect the brand). The only downside for me is that it means that the version I was whipping up as a text proposal for my own amusement over the past year will now ever be seen by others as a reaction to SWS!

No, seriously, I've already got over it!

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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons (The new XvT)
« Reply #2 on: 05 Oct 2020, 18:47 »

This game is amazing, that is all.
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Re: Star Wars: Squadrons (The new XvT)
« Reply #3 on: 05 Oct 2020, 19:43 »

This game is amazing, that is all.
I recently got it as well. It's smooth gameplay and replayable due to the high skill cap, but it sucks on high ping.
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