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  • 12 Apr 2021, 04:46
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Author Topic: Your choices and finds for QC intro theme music!  (Read 120 times)


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Which songs or pieces of music do you know of that feel weirdly compatible with a proverbial-theoretical QC anime, or really any sort of animated series that would have a dynamically creative intro, opening sequence?  i am very excited to hear what everyone has either found already throughout life or will find based on this concept!  :) :)

A few months ago i found this old recording by chance, and there is something about the music, from between 27:00 and 29:00, that for me feels like a perfect match! 
it helps that is particular Dj Carl Cox, who says his name at one point in a very enjoyable manner, shouts "jump jump!!" several times but it is distorted and it really sounds much more like he is saying Jeph Jacques!! 
All of this combined and it becomes very easy to instantly daydream character montages set to this music!


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Re: Your choices and finds for QC intro theme music!
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