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How would the robots celebrate Easter?

Union Robotics Easter Egg Hunt
- 17 (32.7%)
Station Dance Party!
- 11 (21.2%)
Dinner organized by Yay, New Friend
- 8 (15.4%)
Get simulated drunk
- 16 (30.8%)

Total Members Voted: 30

Voting closed: 11 Apr 2021, 17:42

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Author Topic: WCDT 4496-4500 (5th April through 9th April, 2021)  (Read 31083 times)


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Re: WCDT 4496-4500 (5th April through 9th April, 2021)
« Reply #100 on: 13 Apr 2021, 21:10 »

Attitudes differ from place to place in the US. It may even have been here that I read about someone from Montana asking a friend from Rhode Island in hushed tones "It is true you can drive across the entire state in less than a day?".

It also depends on the use of the word day. I once drove from central Texas to central Michigan in just over 22 hours.


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Re: WCDT 4496-4500 (5th April through 9th April, 2021)
« Reply #101 on: 14 Apr 2021, 00:31 »

It’s widely recommended to take a break at least every two hours of driving.

That’s enough for me to regard a two hour drive as a “long drive,” in the context of a regular commute.
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