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  • 27 May 2022, 21:36
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Author Topic: Friendly and very formal greeting, with absolutely no mention of boners  (Read 10558 times)


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Behold fellow humans! For I am the great Zappadoopie, and I too am a reader of this comic!
I have infiltrated this forum, that we me socialize around our mutual enjoyment of butts this comic.
I also enjoy making parodic edits of QC, to make it live more up to it's name.
I salute you in all friendliness, and request your approval of my humble presence.

Is it cold in here?

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Welcome, new person!
Thank you, Dr. Karikó.


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  • I always name them Bitey.

Alright, Willis, we know it's you, you can drop the act now :P

Hi, new person :)
Piglet wondered how it was that every conversation with Eeyore seemed to go wrong.


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Welcome, new person! Spathe ham and water are freely available in the kitchen.
I am not hiding. I am maintaining a respectful distance.


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  • I WILL be your friend.

Welcome! Consider your humble presence approved.
Beware the Gnabberwock, my son!
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