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Author Topic: WCDT June 21st - June 25th (4551-4555)  (Read 15080 times)


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Re: WCDT June 21st - June 25th (4551-4555)
« Reply #100 on: 27 Jun 2021, 12:58 »

"Faye needs to stop insulting and casually assaulting people. It's not cool or funny, it's just rude."

"Pintsize needs to go back to insulting and sexually harassing people.  He's not cool or funny unless he's rude."


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Re: WCDT June 21st - June 25th (4551-4555)
« Reply #101 on: 27 Jun 2021, 14:14 »

FWIW, I never had a problem with Faye for the exactly the same reason that I never had a problem with Pintsize: They're nonphysical fictional creations and nothing they do has physical reality. I can smile at a witty wisecrack and acknowledge a well-constructed joke without feeling an impact on myself. I shake my head at ill-behaved characters but rarely feel a personal stake in their actions.

Don't get me wrong. In high-stakes storylines, I do feel an emotional connection and wonder what is going to happen next but I try to avoid letting something written by a stranger feel like a personal attack in any way. Even if that means that I have to step away from the keyboard and think about it for a few minutes to remind myself that I have so small a stake that it is ludicrous to feel personally upset.
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Re: WCDT June 21st - June 25th (4551-4555)
« Reply #102 on: 27 Jun 2021, 17:17 »

Faye and Pintsize are different characters, with different issues. You can't really conflate them.

Faye's actions bothered me because she was an adult human. I expected adult behavior from her. Pintsize has always been a child, with a child's appearance and a child's understanding of the world, over-the-top sex stuff not withstanding. Faye frequently bullied people. Pintsize never did.

Pintsize never actually hurt anyone, or tried to hurt anyone. He was rude and grossly oversexed, but it was impossible to take his sexual suggestions seriously because he inhabited a barely humanoid body with no actual sexual organs. Or fingers, for that matter. The same sexual suggestions in his current body carry a more plausible element of threat to them, even if his sexual organ is apparently a USB A slot with an extension cable.

At this point, I don't particularly want the old Pintsize back. His gags usually weren't offensive, but I can't say they were all that funny either. I'd say most of the actual humor came from how other cast members reacted to him, or talked about him. I do think the transition is difficult to accept because it's such a dramatic change.

On an unrelated note, I think "tijubas" is a perfectly good slang term for breasts. It's no sillier than "boobies" or "knockers." 


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Re: WCDT June 21st - June 25th (4551-4555)
« Reply #103 on: 27 Jun 2021, 18:35 »

Seeing a ~6'5" angry yelling customer hastily step back from looming over my boss as I dashed from halfway across the store in 3 or 4 bounding steps was certainly something else (I'm only5' 5"). It was the first time I really realized just how stocky I was and that my hands and shoulders were a lot broader than they were as a teen.

I'm now visualizing you as a Tolkien-type Dwarf.

More or less. I've even got the barrel chest.

I have to wear a 2XL labcoat so I can move my shoulders and the damned thing goes just past halfway down my calves.
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