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Author Topic: Wheel of Time on Prime  (Read 9662 times)


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Wheel of Time on Prime
« on: 23 Nov 2021, 09:47 »

First three eps of Amazon's Wheel of Time adaptation dropped late last week :) they're already shooting season 2, and rumor has it the third season has already been greenlighted (not confirmed afaict). Initial response from readers and non-readers alike has been positive—despite the slightly shaky over-produced start—but somewhat less so from pro critics who aren't genre fans. Casting mostly spot-on. At launch, about 1% of dudes were instantly driven mad by the Cultue War's taint on the Discourse; seeing the ghosts of woke conspiracies everywhere, assorted meninists and a few GC activists went on a brief rampage, trying to rend the fandom asunder... but their rage has mostly been met with yawns, just as it was in ages past. The show feels like it has been made people who care deeply about the books and about the community—people who care enough to change what needs to be changed to adapt the story to a new medium and a new audience and a new time. Really excited to see the remainder of the season, and I can't even imagine how cool it'll be to see book 2 (and probably book 3) covered in season 2. If you don't already have Prime, it may be more fun to wait until you can binge the whole season. Note: check your TV/monitor settings; show looks noticeably better with some parameters than with others (may look too blue and soapy under settings that are usually fine for most other content).
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