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What is your QC Ambition Level?

Marten Level -- I'm drifting contentedly
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Samantha Level -- I haven't quite worked out what my goal is yet
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- 1 (2.9%)
Faye Level -- My goal is within my grasp, but I'm still working hard to make it a success
- 2 (5.7%)
Dora Level -- Life goal accomplished!
- 3 (8.6%)
May Level -- I've accomplished a life goal, but now I want to work out a new goal
- 7 (20%)
Pintsize Level -- I don't fit any of the above, and my post explains why!
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Author Topic: WCDT Nov 29 - Dec 3rd (4666-4670)  (Read 10191 times)


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Re: WCDT Nov 29 - Dec 3rd (4666-4670)
« Reply #100 on: 05 Dec 2021, 07:58 »

I’ve been using a variant of the “correct_horse_battery_staple” method for quite some time.

I had to look that up. The trick is to be consistent with your substitutions.
I've mixed the two methods, but only once. And, I completely blanked on the phrase for one of them even though it had two things I liked (black licorice and sarsaparilla).

Gotta love passphrases.

EDIT: Re. Yay being only 2 years old, I keep being reminded of Jane in the Ender's series. She is a very powerful AI that was kinda hand waved into existence, and in the books she is described as experiencing time very differently from humans (milliseconds would be days to her). If Yay does something similar, then technically they are extremely old indeed.

And for several excruciating seconds, which to her were years of loneliness and suffering, she was unable to fill up the sudden emptiness of her topmost levels of attention. Vast portions of her mind, of the parts that were most herself, went completely blank. All the functions of all the computers on or near the Hundred Worlds continued as before; no one anywhere noticed or felt a change; but Jane herself staggered under the blow.

Definitely. Most people aren't going to guess variations on 'Skadegamutc' or its variant spellings as passwords.
[I haven't used it in awhile.] BTW, they're the ghost-witch of Mikmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, and Abénaki folklore.

That would certainly explain Yay's loneliness.  Hopefully they only deal with that if they choose to overclock.
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Re: WCDT Nov 29 - Dec 3rd (4666-4670)
« Reply #101 on: 05 Dec 2021, 11:04 »

I agree with everyone who says two years really feels like too short a time, even given how recently the Singularity happened. I'm assuming that Yay's code has existed in a pre-sentient form for a lot longer but two years is the approximate age of the current independent distributed intelligence.

Also surprised at 2 years, as I'd formed the view (perhaps incorrectly) that Yay was built as some sort of super-spy machine but had become free of it, much as Bubbles is no longer in the military. Purpose completed ? Escaped ?

Perhaps Yay precipitated the Singularity.  Or was built to attempt to stop it happening.


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Re: WCDT Nov 29 - Dec 3rd (4666-4670)
« Reply #102 on: 05 Dec 2021, 11:20 »

It's also possible Yay has existed as a program for far longer but only gained sapience recently. Like the Puppet Master in GitS.
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