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How much does Mr Farmer know about his daughter? (choose three)

She isn't appearing in porn (or he does now)
- 12 (19.7%)
She's alive? He thinks?
- 5 (8.2%)
There is a guy in her life - Dean, Donny, Davey or something like that
- 8 (13.1%)
She knows this weird girl who has lots of neuroses.
- 2 (3.3%)
She has a robot bodyguard and he doesn't know why
- 9 (14.8%)
She's at least *technically* his contractor although she hasn't sent an invoice in ages
- 4 (6.6%)
She's still watching these foreign cartoons that he doesn't get
- 5 (8.2%)
There were a couple of guys before... A Scot and a Swede... haven't heard anything about them in a while
- 3 (4.9%)
She's got a robot doll who doubles as a PA or something
- 7 (11.5%)
Something about space? Sounds like one of her stories she publishes online!
- 4 (6.6%)
She has an imaginary friend - A unicorn?
- 2 (3.3%)
Other (put in comments)
- 0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 22

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Author Topic: WCDT strips 4736 to 4740 (7th to 11th March 2022)  (Read 11718 times)


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Re: WCDT strips 4736 to 4740 (7th to 11th March 2022)
« Reply #50 on: 10 Mar 2022, 16:12 »

As a side note, has Marigold's design changed too or am I imagining it? She's always been pretty but now she looks even prettier. I wonder if this is about her embracing a more well rounded life style, being social, getting out more, yoga, somebody forcing her to clean her surroundings. Hanners seems to be having a good impact and May too. And also probably Dale. I don't like them being pushy about it but I am happy to see her happy.

Jeph's style has evolved from blocky wrong handed color bubbles that resembled humans, to figuring out proportions, to figuring out facial directions, to a cartoonish style, to a very detailed human look, to an anime style now. At nearly 5000 strips, he's probably settling into how he wants them to look forever now.  Everyone's noses used to be some similar variation on a triangle, but now they have all sorts of shapes, everyones eyes used to be more realistic and limited, but now theyre more expressive, I miss the lip styling like Raven's lipstick and piercing, and thats gone now, but simple mouth shapes convey quite a lot more information on ones mood. Jeph has said many times Marigold is his favorite character, and everyone else got a makeover, now its Marbears turn.


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Re: WCDT strips 4736 to 4740 (7th to 11th March 2022)
« Reply #51 on: 10 Mar 2022, 19:25 »

New comic.

It's a mad, mad, mad world.
I am not hiding. I am maintaining a respectful distance.


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Re: WCDT strips 4736 to 4740 (7th to 11th March 2022)
« Reply #52 on: 10 Mar 2022, 20:13 »

Moms: proud, even if they have no clue what you're doing.

I remember mine being all "Shannon was published! Whoo hoo!" even when it was just in a fanzine.  :-D


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Re: WCDT strips 4736 to 4740 (7th to 11th March 2022)
« Reply #53 on: 10 Mar 2022, 22:35 »

Okay... is it just me?  Or are we about to start shipping Someone's dad and someone's mum?  And possibly in a very kinky cyberverse?

Holy crap called it!  ...But only sort of


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Re: WCDT strips 4736 to 4740 (7th to 11th March 2022)
« Reply #54 on: 11 Mar 2022, 03:51 »

"I can't keep things from your mother, gives me heartburn," is the most wholesome married thing I've ever heard and I couldn't tell you why.
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