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  • 26 Nov 2022, 17:45
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Author Topic: WCDT - August 15 to August 19, 2022 (strips #4851 to #4855)  (Read 3305 times)


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i sort of already said this last week i think, but the subtle art style changes are ruling :) :) 

TBH, I'm not caring for it.  But then, I sort of feel like the best QC art was a few years ago.  I get that artists' styles evolve and all that, just my personal preference.


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Cell phones are so stingy with time before rolling to voice mail.  The most I have been able to configure mine is a paltry 20 seconds.  Whatever happened to the old rule of thumb about 10 rings (a full minute)?

I am not always holding the damn thing, just waiting for it to do something.  Even walk away from the desk it is laying on once in a while :}

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This is filler, so Jeph can end the week with a cliff-hanger.
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