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Cubetown preditions? (Relax, Jeph doesn't read the forums. Any similarities are purely happenstance.)

Claire and Marten have an impromptu wedding.
- 1 (3.7%)
Through some mishap, Marten spends time as a head/brain-in-a-jar cyborg.
- 1 (3.7%)
Claire ends up with a matching or opposing robot hand to Clinton's.
- 0 (0%)
Marten adopts a weird synthetically created pet
- 3 (11.1%)
Claire becomes a techno magical girl
- 6 (22.2%)
Pintsize tags along hiding in the luggage and finds his rightful place in the world by accident.
- 5 (18.5%)
Marten or Claire accidentally bring back a small amount of Moray's slime and it forms a mini-Moray
- 4 (14.8%)
[other] (Please expound)
- 2 (7.4%)
Poor Sven, drink more spathe ham
- 5 (18.5%)

Total Members Voted: 27

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Author Topic: WCDT - October 10th to October 14th, 2022 (strips #4891 to #4895)  (Read 21680 times)


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They've got Marten and Claire going to Cube Town to give 'er a looksee, a decision being made there, presumably to move to Nova Scotia, then the time to move, just for that wing of the story. There's also Dora and Tai's wedding. Plus I'm sure at least something with Union Robotics will take up some of the strips. Maybe 5500 but that doesn't feel as satisfying as 6000.


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The end has been predicted before, long ago...
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The end has been predicted before, long ago...

I seem to remember that Jeph had jokingly said that it was strip 5000 because it was a multiple of the strip when Faye told Marten that there was no future for 'us'. I don't think that Questionable Content as a thing will end that at that time but it seems a good enough place as any to finish telling Marten, Faye, Dora and Hannelore's story and move on to a newer cast and their stories.

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>It's chilly out here. Put this on

A mature and secure relationship!  That knocker over some old baggage from Fay and Marten :}
More like Dora and Marten.
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Aw, Claire was so mature and trusting about it. Dora would have had a freaking meltdown.


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The end has been predicted before, long ago...
As I said in another thread, I don't know why Jeph would end things with Marten and Claire leaving. This is probably the only real arc the two of them, especially Marten, have had in years. Marten is rarely ever in the comic at all anymore and if Jeph wrote him out it wouldn't change much of anything. Claire herself has been around a bit more often but not really that much more.

Having Marten and Claire move Cubetown with the occasional visits back wouldn't really be any different than how they're used now. We're far far past the point where the whole cast would be torn to piece over Marten leaving. And hey, maybe this'll give Marten a chance to actually DO something with his life for once.


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Also, reminder that Jeph has explicitly said that this arc isn't the end or setting up the end.
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