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Author Topic: FFX-2 Ending (Spoilers, I hope)  (Read 11896 times)


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FFX-2 Ending (Spoilers, I hope)
« on: 28 Jan 2005, 08:51 »

Okay, This was the easiest game ever. (I beat the final boss with this amazing strategy: Hold down the X button 'till it dies!) And I got the "good" ending, but I'm way to lazy to put up with the ridiculous missions to get the "perfect" ending.

I'm still curious, however. Has anybody gotten it?

Please tell me before my Playstation explodes with anticipation. I swear I didn't mean for that to come out dirty.

PS I know the game was crap. You don't need to tell me. I have a policy on playing the games I am given as gifts. It's only polite. Let's face it, however. They only turned out that game so that the non-online losers (like me) could have something to do until FFXII. They already had the modles for lots of monsters in FFX so they turned out a REALLY quick sequal. It's better than alot of games made under the same circumstances.

In any case, pleeze tell me the perfect ending!!

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FFX-2 Ending (Spoilers, I hope)
« Reply #1 on: 02 Feb 2005, 18:04 »

This is what happens in the perfect ending. I just got it tonight and I am so stoked about it. I actually didn't think the game was that bad. I thought it was fun and had it's share of extra-cheesy moments but also had it's share of great moments as well.

You beat Shuiyin, him and Lenne are reunited, you go back and get everyone, Chapter 5 complete. All the same as the 'good' ending. You go off onto the farplane area with all the flowers and you press 'x' and the Bahamut fayth shows up. He thanks Yuna for setting them free and then asks her if she wants to see 'him' again. You get to choose, and you better choose yes or you're a dumbass.

Then there's the cutscene with Baralai, Nooj and Gippal speaking to all of Spira at Luca, along with the cutscene of Yuna, Paine and Rikku on top of the airship. Yuna says some things about how it's been her story and it was a good one and ends with the recurring ending line, "It all started when I saw this sphere of you."

Credits roll.

But wait! That's not all!

After the credits roll you see Tidus - Yes, Tidus! Not Shuiyin! In the water, uncurling himself and coming to the surface. This scene should look familiar, it's the same scene that occurs at the end of the credits to Final Fantasy X, the original. But this time it continues.

He pops out of the water and gives a whistle. He checks out the shore for awhile, then floats on his back a moment, and then checks out the shore again. Then the airship starts coming out of the sky, right at him. It slows down, begins to stop, then the ramp starts opening up and Yuna jumps out into the water and runs to him and hugs him. (Awww.)

They exchange a few words. "Are you real?" "I dunno. Do I pass?" "I missed you." Etcetera and so forth. Then you hear Wakka call "Hey, get a room you two, yah?" And Tidus looks at the shore and all of Besaid is there. Tidus replies with, "No one asked you to watch, Wakka!" Then Yuna and Tidus begin running towards the shore together. Tidus remarks that Yuna has really changed and Yuna tells him that he has missed a lot, Tidus says he wants to hear everyhing.


Still not all! The scene reopens up at Zanarkand, with Yuna and Tidus. Tidus standing in the same spot that he stood in the beginning of the first game. Tidus says that his theory is that the Fayths pieced together his memories to make him again. Or, maybe, he's still just a dream. Yuna asks sadly, "So that means you'll disappear again?" Tidus doesn't reply directly  but just says, "Cherish me, Yuna. And I'll cherish you. It's what we have to do."

Yuna asks if that's what the fayths told him. Tidus just says that he liked the sound of it on his own. They both laugh, and then Yuna playfully pushes Tidus down the hill. Tidus replies mock-angry with "Hey! That's not cherishing!" Yuna just laughs a little bit, and then says, "Well, you didn't disappear did you?"

Then the scene shows the exact same scene as the beginning of FFX, the original, except with Yuna standing where Tidus stood in the previous game.

The End.

Aww, wasn't that sweet?
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FFX-2 Ending (Spoilers, I hope)
« Reply #2 on: 03 Feb 2005, 08:37 »

Yes, vewy wuvable.

Not exactly worth 100 percenting the game, though.

It was an okay game, but definatley the worst Final Fantasy.

If you compare it to Mortal Kombat Advance, however...


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FFX-2 Ending (Spoilers, I hope)
« Reply #3 on: 03 Feb 2005, 17:10 »

if you compare an interactive DVD menu to MK:A, you still have better gameplay from said menu


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FFX-2 Ending (Spoilers, I hope)
« Reply #4 on: 03 Feb 2005, 17:53 »

What I thought was rediculous was what you had to do to get the "good" ending.  I had to restart the game three times after playing for 20 hours because I kept missing the certain "unobvious" things you were supposed to do.  *shakes head*  I played with with a group of friends and we all thought it was a little silly and stupid that you had to press O in a field of flowers a certain of number of times when you weren't given a clue to do so.  >_<''

It was a good game, it's not worth 100%-ing the first time around tho.  The good ending is what you want to see.  The perfect ending is just extra- I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
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