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  • 22 Jan 2022, 05:52
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Author Topic: My wangs bigger than yours thread.  (Read 13175 times)


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My wangs bigger than yours thread.
« Reply #50 on: 17 Feb 2005, 21:23 »

Quote from: muffy
That does indeed suck...
I carry most of my music around in said CD carriers and record bags, if anything ever happened to it I'd maybe I should stop walking home from clubs alone at 3.30 in the morning, it really is tempting fate.

I used to do this before the iPod.  What I did was went and burned a straight copy of every cd I had, and carried the copies with me.  This way, if one got broken, stolen, melted sexed, beaten, smashed, scratched, taken, or otherwise defiled, it was only a $.15 copy.  The real one was in my closet, waiting patiently.

Worked pretty well,I've never had anything stolen, but plenty just scratched to hell


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My wangs bigger than yours thread.
« Reply #51 on: 18 Feb 2005, 04:33 »

I've actually got most of my music saved on my computer, but a lot of the equipment I use doesn't always read burnt CDs..if I lose my music, I'm out of work and screwed, so maybe I should get it insured. Or be more careful.
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