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  • 20 Apr 2021, 06:09
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Author Topic: Gonna Make a Webcomic. What to Do?  (Read 2383 times)


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Gonna Make a Webcomic. What to Do?
« on: 16 Feb 2005, 10:09 »

I'm going back to the US around the first week of March, and I am planning on making my comic that I did here on deployment, "Bohica Blues", into a webcomic.

I am looking for advice-- what kinds of pitfalls and the like can I look forward to that I probably don't foresee in my completely inexperienced mindset? I have no problem meeting deadlines or coming up with stuff frequently, although I'll probably post every 2-3 days rather than every day.

Also, is there any sort of programs or the like that work any better? I will hand-draw, scan in, then color.

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