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Author Topic: College Programs  (Read 3465 times)


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College Programs
« on: 23 Feb 2005, 02:34 »

I'm looking at going to college for an animation program and I need to submit images from my collection, now I've never submitted a portfolio before and I was curious about how much i should include. Below are some of the admission requirements and I understand what they want but I'm not sure how much to send in, anyone with any portfolio experiance mind giving me a hand.

Submit a portfolio of samples illustrating artistic ability.  Include a life drawing, perspective drawing cartoon and fantasy artwork.
Note: The samples of work to be submitted for assessment must not be larger than
8 1/2" x 11".

btw I've been drawing for around 15 years so I'm sure finding examples shouldn't be too hard.

here's the link to the school's program info if any one is curious:


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College Programs
« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb 2005, 03:52 »

When i had my interview for the animation degree i'm on now, i bought myself an A2 (i think thats something like 17 x 23 inches) folder with clear plastic pockets inside containing my work. There was about 15 pockets so i had 15 examples of my work. It seemed to be enough for the interviewers, but i also bought in examples of my clay work and whatnot.

I hope that helped a little. And good luck with the whole inteviewing process! :)


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College Programs
« Reply #2 on: 04 Apr 2005, 17:34 »

Unfortunately I won't be of much help here as my school's program wanted slides (10 to 15) rather than the actual artwork.  However, I wanted to point out that for things like this NEATNESS (and organization) COUNTS!! In some cases it counts for a whole lot.  I've worked at a few art museums and when we recieve portfolios from artists who want shows if the portfolio is at all difficult to navigate there's a good chance the artist will be skipped over completely (unless the artwork is unbelievably stellar).  Anyway, hope that helped a bit!
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