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Author Topic: FORUM RULES: If you're new, please read this.  (Read 127089 times)


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FORUM RULES: If you're new, please read this.
« on: 01 Mar 2005, 18:12 »

Welcome to the QC Forums! I'm glad you're here. Before you post, though, read over these rules and regulations. This forum is intended to be a pleasant place to post and interact with other QC fans, and I intend to keep it that way.

AVATARS: The maximum size for avatars is 100x100 pixels. GIFs are the format of choice. If you want to use an animated one, do so at your own risk- if it annoys me I might just make you change it.

IMAGES: Porn, gore, and other offensive material will get you banned. Immediately. This is not the place for that kind of stuff. Also, if you're going to post an image bigger than, say, 600x400, please just post a link to it instead. That will save me some bandwidth and ensure that pages load faster for everyone.

SIGNATURES: Feel free to link to your site(s) in your sig, but no images in your sig, please. I'm not a fan of that at all.

BEHAVIOR: Please be civil. If you don't get along with someone, act like an adult (even if you're not) and leave it up to the moderators to do something about the dispute. We're tough but fair. If you're nice, people will be nice you to in return.

TROLLING: This isn't Slashdot or the Something Awful Forums. Don't be a jackass.

L33TSP33K: It's only funny when used ironically.

SPELLING/GRAMMAR: I'm not going to be a complete Nazi about this. So far the people who post here have been pretty literate, but I'm not going to ban anyone just because spelling isn't their strong suit. However, don't get bent out of shape if people poke fun at you because of it.

IF YOU'RE NEW: Please take a few minutes and read some posts before posting yourself. That way you'll get a feel for how things are done around here, and you won't look like such a tourist (hehe). Feel free to post a new topic to the "Hi I'm new" forum and introduce yourself - that's a good way to let people know you're here. We'll be nice to you as long as you follow the rules, I promise.

IF YOU'RE NOT NEW: Please be nice to the newbies. As much as I hope people will read this before they post, past experience tells me it just ain't gonna happen. So if they make a few mistakes, give them the benefit of the doubt instead of yelling "FUCK YOU NOOB." Feel free to remind them of the rules, though.

GENERAL POSTING GUIDELINES: Whenever I post on a forum, be it this one or others, I ask myself "Is this post something someone else would want to read?" Remember, we're here to interact with and entertain each other, not to hear ourselves talk.

OCD IS BAD: Nitpicking and/or placing way too much importance on minutiae while missing the big picture is probably Jeph's biggest pet peeve. Not every little detail is Fraught With Meaning. Sometimes the artist is just having fun. Maybe that character's clothing or hair changed simply because the artist got bored with drawing it the same way. Maybe there is a perfectly good explanation, but it is not spelled out in the comic because readers are expected to think for themselves.

That's it for now. I'll add stuff to this post as I feel it is necessary. Remember, we're here to have fun. Enjoy yourself!
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