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what kind of fricking poll is this? its sposed to be a poll question you moron.
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Quite good really (this is said in a classy Brit accent o' course.)
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Author Topic: Catalyst  (Read 3245 times)


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« on: 05 Apr 2005, 19:31 »

This is an origional manga that me and my friends work on...

We developed the characters origionally by roleplaying them in these notebooks along with the cast from Inuyasha back in 2002...

However, I don't know if Ellen approves of me putting this one day this might suddenly disappear because she tells me to take it off...


Ellen Huang (HitorikiShizuka) - Head Artist, Character Design and Development

Ling-ling (lingy) Chen (KokoroSango) - Story Outline, Character Design and Development, Artist, Writer

Sophie Wereley (Esopha) - Writer, Character Design and Development

Eugene Yang - Character Development

Elie Hutchinson (_lions_pride_) - future artist.
Special Thanks to Emma Sorenson and Christine Choi.

All Content belongs to "Oranges" (c)



Chikara- A hyperactive, pretty much insane freak that's obssesed with Oranges. Cute, bouncy, and slightly naiive.

Shizuka- Quiet, but quick to get excited, especially when threatened, loves to challenge people in fights.

Kokoro- Dark, generally rather morbid and quiet, prefers to watch rather than talk, however very sarcastic and angry.

Mitsuki- The most clever and annoying person possible, but sooo incredibly naiive. WTF is wrong with this child?

Renko- Challenging, however in some cases, he runs away with his tail between his legs....well hopefully he doesn't have a tail. But anywyas, very short-tempered, and likes to boast

Sigaru- erk. We thought Renko liked to boast? Does this guy ever even shut up???

Kyoukai- Pervese, grabs ass, what the hell is wrong with this kiddo? And how the hell did he get so sweet?

Niji- The evil dude,....thats not so evil, because we like to pick on him ^^.

Gabri- quiet, and basically you can do anything you want to him cuz he won't protest...unless you get on his bad side...


This is a crossover story, meaning it takes place in two places at once.

Some kiddos go to a very odd school...Extremely odd, and suddenly they cross over the dimension star all the way back to feudal japan, unlocking the deadly prophecy that they are forced to fufill.


Just wait till you hear HOW they crossed over...
once we draw it...

Cafeteria? pshh...


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« Reply #1 on: 05 Apr 2005, 19:35 »

Pictures for you of teh Cast:

These are all by Shizzy and me, and the characters belong to me and Oranges (c) She owns an art shop where she does commission avvies

All Comments are done by HitorikiShizuka

top: left to right: Kokoro, Mitsuki. bottom: left to right: Shizuka, Chikara

This was drawn by me, and colored by Arch from Gaia. It's my friend's and my original characters dressed up in animal costumes and chibified. X3 Hope you like it! (referring to me, KokoroSango)

Yes...the "main" girls of Catalyst. Mitsuiki is just a random girl that hangs out with them. XP

Haha...I have no skill with colored pencils. XP

from left to right: Kokoro, Shizuka, Chikara

top: left to right: Mitsuki, Chikara. Bottom left to right: Kokoro, Shizuka
Ze girls of Catalyst. guys yet. Shizzy hasn't drawn anything decent yet ^^;; jkjk.


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« Reply #2 on: 05 Apr 2005, 19:37 »


yes i know the pictures are screwed. im going to go find something that will host them as this place doesnt accept tinypic.


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« Reply #3 on: 05 Apr 2005, 19:39 »


yes i know the pictures are screwed. im going to go find something that will host them as this place doesnt accept tinypic.


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« Reply #4 on: 05 Apr 2005, 19:43 »

Locking this, please see the "Warning!" thread in this forum.
Deathmole Jacques' head takes up the bottom half of the panel, with his words taking up the top half. He is not concerned about the life of his friend.
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