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hi guys n' gals,

if you've got a piece of fanart that you'd like everyone to see then maybe you should wanna post it in this thread, eh?  Jeph's trying to get the fanart page updated, but he can't be expected to keep it up-to-date all the time.  this is intended to be a more instantaneous way to share the love with everyone.  Jeph'll periodically take images from here to update the main page.

artists should post their work here, maybe with a comment on what the fanart is all about.  people who feel the need to comment should keep their comments brief, (and positive, or at least constructive) because we don't want this to get cluttered up with chatter.  if you've got a significant criticism or a suggestion to someone you should probably IM or email them about the work instead.

one last thing: no porn.  this includes but is not restricted to making the QC characters perform naked hijinks out of character with their er, character.  semi-risque pics ala the comic where Steve & Ellen were interrupted are probably ok, but nothing too explicit.  if you have any doubts as to how far you can go with your art then simply go back over Jeph's archives to compare and contrast.  if yours looks smutty by comparison then it probably isn't a good idea.  remember that we've got kids about on the forums.  while we couldn't really give a toss about language, porn on the forums shown to the wrong people could start trouble Jeph'd probably rather avoid.

ok. so now that that's out of the way, i hand over to ze artists out there.  have fun!


Pintsize yelling about how he isn't wearing pants.  The joke is almost, but not quite, funny.

Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike humor?

heh bev, nice one - i like the humour there and pintsize looks great in the puppy costume. very good!!

bev! i love the Pintsize in the puppy costume! so cute!!


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