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Author Topic: Final Fantasy XI Noob Help  (Read 5503 times)


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Final Fantasy XI Noob Help
« on: 15 Apr 2005, 13:03 »

I just wanted to ask opinions on whether or not it's to late to really get into playing this game???

Don't ak me why but I've never gotten a PS2, though I have every other system aside from a DS or PSP.  It's not that I'm against Sony, I just never could bring myself to part with the money for one I guess.  Lately though I've become increasingly curious about playing a MMORPG and since my computer can't handle one I figured on just getting a PS2 along with Final Fantasy XI in the next couple weeks, is there anyone out there that would be willing to give me some advice on this matter.  I would ask my friends, but they are prodominently hardcore FPS players or don't have online service.



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Final Fantasy XI Noob Help
« Reply #1 on: 15 Apr 2005, 15:37 »

We alredy have a FFXI thread right here.
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